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Dipping Liquid Alox
Casting 20K worth of bullets a year has caused me to refine my bullet lubing technique from those ideas offered in the Lee Lube and Size Kit instructions. My choice lube remains liquid Alox; my bullets are designed for it, because I have not found a bullet lube that survives jacketed bullet velocities and pressures as well. Allow me to describe my bullet lubing technique so you can see how it works for me!
Lubing bullets prior to the pass through the Lee sizer
This page did contain information and a link to a WaxMeister Tool that I used to cut the bullets off the cookie sheets. It is possible the WaxMeister is no longer delivering the discribed tool and they have not responded to any emails I have sent.

Source of bulk Alox:
White Label Lube.
After casting, I snap the gas checks on and spray WD-40 across the bullets in prep to run them through the Lee sizer. The WD-40 will dissipate, I do not remove it.
With all the bullets sized and gas checks seated, I then move to lubing. I keep my Alox in a small crock pot, in that pot I'm able to store and reheat the lube for use. The Alox is "cut" with odorless mineral spirits to achieve a consistency that will allow me to lube the bullet with one dip. This method allows the excess lube from the bullets to be returned to the pot for use in the next session.
Dipping a naked bullet into liquid Alox
Dipped bullet showing lube consistency
Lubing continued:
The bullets are dipped in the Alox an set to dry on cookie sheets.

Work in an area with plenty of ventilation, this is something that you would not want to do inside your home!

Notice that I'm using a small channel lock plier. picking the bullets up in this manner might seem time consuming but it is extremely quick and I rarely drop a bullet.
Bullets on cookie sheet with only a small amount of liquid Alox collecting at the base
Dried bullets
If you would like to try the technique before moving into a crock pot of lube. Try using a small bowl, like the bowl that store bought Jello-O comes in. Fill it will heated alox, heating the Lee bottle in sink full of hot water. That will work as well.

Drying time, with the bullets on the cookie sheet to dry. In my conditioned reloading room, this takes about 2 hours. If I leave them in my garage with varying humidity, it can take from 4 hours to overnight.
With the bullets dry, I run them back through the bullet sizing die. Finally, if the bullets are going into storage for any length of time, I dust them with mica to prevent them from sticking together. Some casters use corn starch. Any lube that has dried on the cookie sheet is returned to the crock pot for the next use!