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Gas Checks & Bullet Sizing Notes
Ranch Dog's designs for the 9mm Luger, 41 Mag, and 45 Colt are designed for use with Hornady rifle gas checks! Hornady has not produced pistol caliber/cartridge gas checks for a number of years but they remain the only consistent supplier of gas checks in the industry.
A cast bullet designed for any of these pistol caliber/cartridges must have a specific diameter shank to make the oversized rifle check fit. Here are the RD designs that are affected by the pistol vs. rifle checks:
Based on my experience, there is no sizing issue with either the 9mm Luger or 45 Colt. My only recommendation is that a full diameter punch is used with your size. If you are using the Lee Lube & Size Kit, this issue is taken care of.

The TLC411-255-RF for the 41 Mag will take more force to move the bullet/check through the sizing die.  Punch fit is critical. I recommend that the punch be no smaller than .406" for this .411" bullet. I have made a Lee special order kit, the .411 Kit, available that insures the puncher is the correct diameter. Additionally, I recommend the following:
     1. Size the bullets early after the cast, within 48 hours.
     2. Size the bullets in a first pass.
     3. Install the gas checks in a second pass.

Here are some suggestions for using the Lee Lube & Size Kit with any of my bullet designs:
     1. Adjust the sizing die depth so that the bullet is only punched far enough upward to clear the sizing ring. My experience is that          allowing the puncher to seat deep in the die wears the diameter of puncher at the leading end. Over time the puncher will          have a tapered appearance. Once in this state, it will cup checks or allow them to get hung up on the sizing ring.
     2. Size the bullets before lubing. During any sizing operation I "feel" bullets under diameter and have occasional rejects that do         not have a good bullet to check seal. I reject these back to my casting stock and do not want the Alox coating on a bullet that         will return to the melt. I do spray my bullets with WD-40 before the initial pass through the sizer.
Puncher Wear
Puncher wear from the puncher being allowed to seat to the base of the die. The wear of this particualar puncher was accelerated by a worn "C" type press. The movement in the ram contributed to the wear.
Rejects created by the worn puncher to the right. The worn puncher allows the gas check to get past the seating ring. You don't need a new L&SK, you can replace the puncher.