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Ranch Dog Bullet Mold Designs by Lee Precision, Inc.
TLC379-235-RF Load Notes
My design was based on the requirements of the Marlin 375 and that firearm uses the aft crimp groove of this bullet. The mid and forward groove are for other 375 Win and 38-55 Win applications. That data will soon be updated.

Reference the chamber drawing below, the TLC379-235-RF ogive was designed to match the Marlin 375 leade at a COAL of 2.555". You will not be able to achieve this fit using 375 Win brass. The brass is too short for the long throat of the rifle. Consider using Starline or Winchester 38-55 Win brass.

Data for the Marlin 375 is based on these three types of brass. All Marlin 375 applications use the aft crimp groove.

375 Win Brass - COAL will be 2.501 to 2.521"

38-55 Win Brass - The best bet for your Marlin - COAL 2.555" OAL

38-55 Win Long Brass - For Marlins with throat wear, trim to fit.

Updated 04/27/17.
Marlin 375 Chamber Fit
Bullet has been redrawn to reflect nose length based on crimp groove used
TLC379-235-RF using aft crimp groove
TLC379-235-RF using forward crimp groove
TLC379-235-RF using mid crimp groove
Aft crimp groove, nose length is .492".
Forward crimp groove, nose length is .307".
Middle crimp groove, nose length is .399".
The Marlin 375 uses the aft crimp groove!