Ranch Dog Outdoors
Ranch Dog Bullet Mold Designs by Lee Precision, Inc.
TLC411-265-RF Note
Bullet design redesignated from TLC411-255-RF to TLC411-265-RF to reflect the weight change using WW+2% Sn standard.

Bullet gas check shank is cut to accept Hornady 416 gas check (#7125) as 41 caliber pistol checks are no longer available. This means that a .416" check is being swagged onto a .41" shank and care must be used in sizing. The shank has been designed to accept the excess flow of copper up the length of the shank. I suggest that a Lee push through sizer be used and that the checks be seated in place by passing the bullet through the sizer bullet base first. This opposite as it would normally be done but this allows the copper check to flow "up" the length of the check.

I size this bullet at .411" for the Marlin 1894.